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Developing Oral Language In The Early Years

It is important that your child’s vocabulary and his/her ability to talk is as advanced as possible. It is through speech that children communicate their thoughts and feelings, their needs and desires, curiosity and wonder. If your child cannot express these in words he/she will tend to remain silent and will often withdraw from the learning activity of the class. This can be the first sign of failure in the school system and must be remedied, if at all possible. This is why a lot of attention is given to language development in the first years of school.

You can help your child in a number of ways….

  • Try to make time to listen when your child wants to tell you something that is important to him/her. But don’t always make him/her the centre of attention. It is important for your child to develop listening skills and speaking skills.
  • Answer questions with patience and in an adequate way. Always nurture her/his sense of curiosity and wonder.
  • Introduce your child gently to the ideas of Who? What? Why? How? When? Where? If? etc. These demand more advanced language structures.
  • Your child will have his/her own particular favourite stories that he/she never tires of hearing. Repeat them over and over again and gradually get him/her to re-tell them to you.