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Early Steps in Writing

  • Good writing is all about muscle and motor control and hand-eye co-ordination.
  • Finger muscles are only gradually developing at this stage so it will help your child greatly if he/she is practised at colouring, drawing, painting, making jigsaws, cutting with a scissors, manipulating materials such as play-doh, blocks, lego, sand, jigsaws etc.
  • Your child will be learning to write lower case letters initially so it would be very helpful if you could encourage this at home.
  • Making letters on paper is not easy for the small child. He/she must learn to hold the pencil properly at an early stage and make regular shapes.
  • Stick up your child’s name on his/her bedroom door so that he/she can be familiar with its appearance. If he/she can be practised in writing it this is even better!
  • Don’t discourage left-handedness. If that is your child’s definite natural inclination, don’t attempt to change it.