ENROLMENT 2024/2025 : Baltydaniel N.S. will be accepting enrolment applications from the 1st of October 2023 for the 2024/2025 school year. Please find more information under the 'Admissions' tab.

School Attendance

There is a very strong tradition of good attendance in Baltydaniel N.S..The school is open to receive pupils from 8.50am. every morning. School closes for infants at 1.45 pm. and for other children at 2.45 pm.

All children are expected to attend school daily. In promoting strong attendance, parents are asked not to withdraw children early from school unless in an emergency situation.

Notes are required for a child’s absence from school stating reason for absence and if a child has to leave during school hours.

Please note, the Education Welfare Officer will be notified as a matter of procedure is a child is absent for more than twenty days in a school year or whose attendance is erratic. This is in accordance with the Education Welfare Act 2000.

*If a child needs to leave school early for an appointment or in an emergency situation, please report to the Office first. This is for Child Protection and Health & Safety purposes.