ENROLMENT 2024/2025 : Baltydaniel N.S. will be accepting enrolment applications from the 1st of October 2023 for the 2024/2025 school year. Please find more information under the 'Admissions' tab.


There is restricted parking outside our school and for that reason it is very important that both parents and staff park responsibly around the area of the school. There are several car park spaces away from the school gate which we encourage parents to park in. These include spaces alongside the footpath on Palmers Shop side of the Limerick Rd.. There are also spaces near Masterlink on the Ballyclough side of the crossroads and there are pedestrian lights in place to allow for safe crossing. We also encourage people to park near the Cafe when there are spaces. We strongly discourage double parking and parking on the bend of the Doneraile Rd. near the school.

With a combined effort from the whole school community we can make the parking situation for our school a lot safer for the children and the wider community.