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Visual Arts

6th Class recreate Michelangelo Masterpiece !

Hallowe’en Art 

6th Class Art Work

1916 Art Work from 6th Class

Friendship Week Art

Junior Infants

At the beginning of the year childrens’ art is based on the theme ‘Me’. Children decorate their name, their handprint, their face and their birthday balloon. During the year art is linked to seasonal events i.e. Hallowe’en, Christmas, Easter. Art is also integrated with the curriculum i.e. Religion, S.P.H.E. , Nursery Rhymes & S.E.S.E. Children work with clay, learn to cut and construct and work with fabric & fibre.

Senior Infants

Alot of art work throughout the year is curriculum based and corresponds with special events in Religion such as Our New Bishop and Our Parish. Other themes such as Seasons and Friendship are also channeled through childrens’ art work.

Spring Time – Hatching Chicks

1st Class

First Class art consists of lots of colour through painting and colouring. Also the use of different materials and fabrics can be seen in the pictures below of the artwork carried out all year.

2nd Class

2nd Class pupils do artwork throughout the year which is mostly based on the Sacrament of Holy Communion along with other strands in the curriculum such as Finger Painting, Mosaiques & Step by Step Drawing.

2nd Class Lenten Tree

2nd Clay Pinch Pots

3rd Class

3rd Class enjoy art lessons all year in the areas of drawing, paint and colour, clay, printing, fabric and fibre and construction.

3rd Class Snow Globes

3rd Class Coil Clay Pots

3rd Class Halloween Art

4th Class

These classes follow strands from the curriculum including paint, drawing, construction with fabric and fiber and clay.

5th Class
This class follow each strand in the curriculum including paint, clay, printing, drawing and construction.

5th Class – We reproduced Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”

6th Class
The eldest class in the school also follow each strand in the curriculum including paint, clay, printing, drawing and construction.

6th Class Art Projects

6th Class making Christmas Decorations

6th Class Art Holy Family

School Murals

A visiting artist has recently painted a beautiful mural on one of the school walls. Each child got to put their own hand print on the mural which they really enjoyed and will be there for them in years to come if they return to visit our school. Below are some photos of the murals that have been painted around our school grounds. These murals help make our school look very bright and the children have been involved in alot of the paintings from painting to making hand prints.
Our school was very lucky to have a talented team of artists from The Academy Boys Secondary School, Mallow come to our school in 2011 and paint a mural of our nearby national treasure which is Doneraile Park. The mural is in the main corridor of the school, it was completed under the watchful eye of Regina Glynn and as you will see from the pictures below the boys did a beautiful job and we are very proud of it. A huge thank you to Regina who also did two art lessons with fourth class on ‘Drawing Animals’ and to the artists Darrah Meaney, Paul Weedle & Thomas Hunt for doing a fantastic job.

A work in Progress

Work Complete

Art Exhibition